Our History


          Scoops has been a Gulf Shores Tradition since 1980, and also run by the same family since 1989. Bill and Gertrude Crawford owned Scoops from 1989 - 1998. This is when Dennis and Deborah Hatfield moved to Gulf Shores and bought the business from Deborah's Father, Bill. They have been successfully running it for nearly twenty years. 

         Dennis was formerly a Petroleum Geologist & Natural Gas Marketer at Amoco Production Company for nearly 20 years before moving back to Gulf Shores' beautiful beaches. Gulf Shores is where he met Deborah and the two got married. The Hatfield's have two children: Michael and Kimberly. Michael is currently doing Marketing work in Gulfport, MS., and Kimberly, their current General Manager, hopes to take over the business when Dennis and Deborah are ready to retire. Truly a family owned and operated shop!

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